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over 2 years ago

Hack3 is a Wrap!

Hello everyone! 


Thank you so much for coming to Hack3!


You were part of the 340+ participants from 20+ countries spread across 17 time zones who attended! We hosted 10 workshops, provided opportunities for you to receive help from mentors and 17 highly-esteemed judges. Our workshop teachers, mentors, and judges included those affiliated with Amazon, Huawei, NetApp, Yandex, FIRST, and top universities. We hope you had a great time presenting live to these judges and receiving their feedback. We hope you learned something new, met interesting people, had fun, and overall, had a blast. 


If you missed anything check YouTube for workshops as well as opening and closing ceremonies!

The link to our YouTube Channel is here, check out all the content!


While everyone at the event is a winner, we want to acknowledge some teams that stood out! If you’d like more inspiration for the next projects or continuations, take a look at their projects and all the other amazing projects created at Hack3.

Devpost Project Gallery:


Regretfully, not all participants complied with the rules. In some cases, it was an innocent mistake and they self-reported.  Kudos to those who had the integrity to step aside.  And we are sorry that others did not and were identified by our auditing process.  If you know of or suspect a team of rules violations, please let us know via email at by July 3rd. We are committed to the integrity of this program acknowledging those who abided by our guidelines. We review every accusation seriously, and this involves a thorough review of the project’s codebase.


Next week, we will finalize our winning teams and confirm prize distribution details via emails provided during registration. Please note that the Hack3 team maintains full discretion over our decisions.


Ending notes by Jonathan Lei, one of the lead organizers: 


We have dedicated hundreds, if not thousands, of hours to make a safe, productive, and fun experience for everyone.

You might be a freshman in a city or a graduating senior in a rural area. You might have relied on our financial assistance program where we sponsored food, 3 months of internet, and/or physical equipment to ensure that everyone can attend Hack3. Whoever you are, we made Hack3 for you. Hack3 is a hackathon that promotes the message that everyone can code because everyone can code. As organizers, we are motivated by thinking about everything that we will learn or by imagining all of the amazing friendships that will be created. Organizing a hackathon is hard: from asking sponsors for support during a pandemic to organizing the logistics of three dozen judges, mentors, and workshop instructors, we have done a lot. But, we have made mistakes.


If you have any suggestions or just want to say “thank you”, we would appreciate it! We have dedicated our free time to serve you, so we legitimately care about all your feedback. All it takes is five minutes. 


Hack3 serves as a beacon of technical excellence, personal integrity, learning, social responsibility, creativity, and fun.


When Kevin Liu and Aneesh Edara bootstrapped Hack3 in 2019 to try to host an in-person hackathon in Boston, they dreamed of creating a community that fostered ethics, kindness, and creativity. They saw issues at similar events and wanted to create a culture to inspire students to be technically and socially responsible. While that event slated for summer 2019 never came to fruition, and all founding members have since graduated high school, we have never forgotten their dream. 


Hack3 isn’t just a hackathon. You didn’t just submit a project to a competition. You participated in a global movement — one where students worldwide of all walks of life teamed up as peers in a level forum, and over the course of a weekend to learn new things alongside top industry professionals and to engage in the engineering process with the intent of positively impacting the world. 


I would like to thank you so much for coming. On behalf of the entire Hack3 organizing team, we can’t wait to see what the future holds for you. Please come back next year, and please recommend Hack3 to your friends and associates. 


Thanks and kudos to Owen, Srinivas, and Abhisar, 2020 are team members who joined the administration team.

If anyone wants to help with future Hack3 events, please reach out to our administrative team.


Thank you for reading this message, and we all hope that you had the best experience at Hack3.


Best Regards,

Srinivas Sriram and the entire Hack3 team

P.S. If you haven’t yet, explore all our sponsor’s resources!