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Hack3 2022 is in 24 hours

Hey there!

If you are receiving this email, then you participated in Hack3 2021 last year. I just want to kindly remind you all that Hack3 2022 is happening in 24 hours, so if you enjoyed last year's event, then register for this year's event if you haven't already. I promise you, that this year's hackathon will be even better than last year's. Thanks! :)

Here is some information about our new hackathon this year. 

Attend our free Intro to Hackathons Course

Beginners — learn about building products (not algorithms) in our free, weeklong course that goes from June 20…

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Hack3 2022: June 25 to June 26! Register now!

Hey there! 

And... we're back! Hack3 2022 is happening online on June 25 and June 26. 

Register now! https://hack32022.devpost.com/


Why? Why Hack3?

Hi! It's Jonathan from Hack3. In January of 2020, there was a moment where I was sitting in a Starbucks with Kevin and Vid. We had no space, no funding, and no plan. It was just the three of us. Despite all odds, against the backdrop of a pandemic, we built a team and hosted a hackathon that proved successful. In 2021, we did it again, with more judges, more workshops, more participants, and more…

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Hack3 is a Wrap!

Hello everyone! 


Thank you so much for coming to Hack3!


You were part of the 340+ participants from 20+ countries spread across 17 time zones who attended! We hosted 10 workshops, provided opportunities for you to receive help from mentors and 17 highly-esteemed judges. Our workshop teachers, mentors, and judges included those affiliated with Amazon, Huawei, NetApp, Yandex, FIRST, and top universities. We hope you had a great time presenting live to these judges and receiving their feedback. We hope you learned something new, met interesting people, had fun, and overall, had a blast. 


If you missed

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Hacker Resources

Hey everyone!

Before you start hacking, we have a few resources we would like to share some resources with you.

  • Hack3 Hacker's Guide
  • Opening ceremony slides
  • Free 30 day access to the echoAR buisness plan. Click here to redeem.
  • Free 30 day access to Wolfram|One. Click here to redeem.
  • If your school uses a .edu domain, please private message Jonathan Lei in Slack to see if you are eligible for $100 worth of Amazon AWS Educate credits. 

Feel free to make use of any of the above resources!


Happy hacking!


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Come join the opening ceremony at 11:00 AM EDT!

Here you go, starting in a few minutes at 11 AM EDT:


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Link to Hack3's opening ceremony @ 11:00 AM EDT on Saturday June 26!



Opening Ceremony: Mandatory

11:00 AM EDT on 6/26. Join link: https://youtu.be/Ly_BdiaVxis


Join! Rules, judging, tracks/theme, and the schedule will be unveiled during the opening ceremony, so be there! We will also be giving out some gift cards :)


Also, here is our participant guide:





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Hack3 Domain Issue Resolved

Hello everyone, 


Earlier today, our domain expired. We renewed the domain, but unfortunately, it took a while for the DNS to update. If you sent any emails that resulted in errors, please send them again. 


Also, I want to remind everyone to join Slack! 







If you have any questions about the hackathon, please post on the discussion forum.

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Thanks for registering for Hack3 -- Few things to note!



I'm Jonathan, one of the lead organizers of Hack3, which is from June 26 to June 27. Remember to refer a few friends!


We're just three days away, so I'd like to share a few things. 


1. Are you a beginner? If so, feel free to connect with me on Slack. We want to make this hackathon welcoming to beginners, and I'd love suggestions. 


2. New website! Let me know if you have any suggestions! 


3. Judges released! We have published our list of judges! These are experienced people from top tech companies…

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