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over 1 year ago

Hack3 2022: June 25 to June 26! Register now!

Hey there! 

And... we're back! Hack3 2022 is happening online on June 25 and June 26. 

Register now!


Why? Why Hack3?

Hi! It's Jonathan from Hack3. In January of 2020, there was a moment where I was sitting in a Starbucks with Kevin and Vid. We had no space, no funding, and no plan. It was just the three of us. Despite all odds, against the backdrop of a pandemic, we built a team and hosted a hackathon that proved successful. In 2021, we did it again, with more judges, more workshops, more participants, and more sponsors. 

2022 will be my third year organizing a hackathon, and I guarantee you — it'll be a truly amazing event. We're still a hackathon only for high school students, but we're trying to provide the resources, workshops, and quality that you'd only find at a major college hackathon today. 


MLH Member Event: With Major League Hacking's support, we'll be able to host a truly world-class hackathon; we have the resources and reach to do what we couldn't do before. Plus, because we're an MLH event, you get to win awesome prizes and swag

Free Intro to Computer Science Course from June 20 to June 24, 8:00 PM EDT to 9:00 PM EDT: Taught by organizers with support from MLH and Helm Learning, students who attend our introductory course will learn the skills necessary to create projects for hackathons. Too often, beginners are unprepared for the rigor of an online hackathon. Our course will change that. If you know someone who has no prior exposure to coding, they can attend our 5-day course to learn about computer science and then participate in our actual event to compete for prizes. Signup link

Finanical Assistance: We're focused on giving everyone the equal opportunity to succeed. So, if you're a low-income US-based participant (family making less than $50k/year or in a tough situation in general — we understand the cost of living varies throughout the US), we'll DoorDash free food straight to your door and compensate you for your internet expenses (estimated ~$50 total value per participant). Email us at to apply. Just because we're online doesn't mean you can't enjoy free food :)

Live Judging: You'll have the option to either hop in a live video conference and discuss your project with judges or submit a pre-recorded video if your schedule doesn't allow. When you engage in live judging, you'll pitch, get feedback, and defend your project / answer questions, all live

Cheating Prevention: With the support of cloud providers (Amazon and TensorDock), we've indexed many many thousands of Devpost submissions as well as Github repositories and developed our own super secret system search algorithm to find similar projects. We're committed to being a fair, open event that doesn't tolerate any sort of misrepresentation — and for the first time, we can say that we're actually doing something ⚖️


This is just a glimpse of what we've got in store. We're still finalizing our sponsorships, judge list, mentor list, workshops, etc., but I just wanted to let you all know about Hack3 so you can sign up now. Let your friends know! Let your science teachers know! Start building your team now :)


Main website:


Registration link:

Join Slack:



- Jonathan @ Hack3


If you have any questions about the hackathon, join our Slack and ask it there!