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over 1 year ago

Hack3 2022 is in 24 hours

Hey there!

If you are receiving this email, then you participated in Hack3 2021 last year. I just want to kindly remind you all that Hack3 2022 is happening in 24 hours, so if you enjoyed last year's event, then register for this year's event if you haven't already. I promise you, that this year's hackathon will be even better than last year's. Thanks! :)

Here is some information about our new hackathon this year. 

Attend our free Intro to Hackathons Course

Beginners — learn about building products (not algorithms) in our free, weeklong course that goes from June 20 to June 24 at 8:00 PM to 9:00 PM EDT. We have 67 registered students right now, and the course is taught by Jonathan and Eric from our team with support from MLH and HELM Learning. Recordings will be available. Learn more here and have more opportunities to succeed!

Keynote with Kevin Liu, Co-Founder of Chord

For our opening ceremony, we're bringing on a special guest. One who took a leave of absence from Stanford to focus on his startup and raised a total of $625k, including at a $20 million valuation. Read more about our opening ceremony's keynote speaker, Kevin Liu, here.

Meet our judges!

They're from Amazon, Redfin, Xylem, and the list goes on. Did you know that Hack3 judging entails hopping into a Zoom with them and explaining your project in a live, 5-minute judging session? You'll get live feedback from these esteemed industry professionals! More details coming soon... stay tuned! Take a look at our judges.

Schedule page

Check out our jam-packed event schedule here. We have plenty of external workshops during the event where live presenters from various different areas of expertise from the tech industry come together to show all of you cool resources you can use! Please check them out!


We have a plethora of different prizes that you can win, including 6 sponsor-led prizes that you can try to win for! Check out all of our prizes on our new Devpost link and hack away!


We'll be sending beautiful renderings of awards as NFTs to the winning teams. Now, winners can prove to their friends that they won an award.

One final thing: The spirit of Hack3

Nowadays, there are too many cookie-cutter hackathons. We do not want to be a place where people go just to compete for prizes. We are a gathering of geeks, nerds, beginners — the high schoolers in this world who can come together, form new friendships, and learn from each other. Together, let's make Hack3 a truly enjoyable experience.

Hack... 3! Hack... 3! Hack... 3!

I can hear the chant, the roar, the energy, already. We're providing a free course for beginners to learn, financial aid so everyone has an equal opportunity to succeed, and live judging with the industry professionals (whom you'll get live feedback from!). Oh yeah, and a keynote with advice by someone who was in your shoes just a few years ago and has gone on to raise funding at a $20 million valuation (internalize the lessons that he's learned!). It's Hack3's third year in existence, and you better bet it's going to be our best one yet.

Last year, we held the largest high-school hackathon of 2021. This year, we hope to gain even more participants and hold an even better hackathon for everyone to enjoy.

Tell your friends about the event (from your town, from other schools, on your Discord!). The more people who come, the better. Remember, Hack3 will be a gathering for tech-interested high school students of all walks of life. You can help make that possible :)

That's it for now. If you have any questions, feel free to DM me in our Slack!

PS: Please fill out the registration form here if you haven’t already, you cannot participate if you do not fill out the form. Thanks!